Cupcake I

Cupcake I


One of a kind porcelain sculpture, signed
H 3.3 x W 2 x D 2 inches
H 8.4 x W 5 x D 5 cm

Made in 2018

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Porcelain has a rich history in decorative arts and fine tableware, and it is the perfect material in conveying my notions of the evolution of consumption. For this narrative work, I channeled my love-hate relationship with sugar into intricate sculptures that consist of a combination of hand-built, hand piped and slip-casted forms of fetus skulls, pastry and confections.

I love the white color of porcelain, and mostly because the smooth consistency is so closely related to dough, ice cream, frosting and icing. I find the formal qualities of a beautifully frosted cupcake, patterns of sprinkles atop a glazed doughnut, or the ultimate poufy shape of a meringue extremely enticing, and I wanted to replicate these textures through playing with different consistencies of clay slip.

My pieces are also fired at a lower temperature to achieve a warmer tone of white. I prefer to not glaze my work and keep the surface bare and bone-like because they are meant to be evocative and peaceful at the same time. This work is an ode to my obsessive and indulgent nature, love of pastry arts, frustration, and ultimately, acceptance of sugar addiction.